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Painting technique:
Watercolor is also called 'waterpaint'.

For me, this is a more 'loose' technique, working layer upon layer. Details are also possible. the colors tend to be softer, and sensitive to light in time. I try to use watercolor more in trandition: without use of black and white paint. The white I leave blank during painting, sparely (and rarely) using mask fluids. The paper is stretched on a wooden board the day before painting.

I only use long lasting materials, to ensure at least lifelong joy of your portrait. Using only paints with high valued pigments which give the paitning deep warm colors and steady light fastness. The brands I use is Rembrandt, Old Scheveningen and Winsor & Newton artist qualities.

aa. Da Vinci, marten and squirrel.

Stretched acid free water color paper/board. Thick quality 200>300 gramm. Brands are Steinbach, Fabriano Artistico en Hahnemühle.

Cairn terriers in watercolor dogportrait

behind glass with passe-partout (matt)


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