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Paiting technique:
Oilpaint is paint based on oil. Used on stretched linnen (canvas) 

This techniques enables me to work with a lot of details almostto a photographic extend. Layer upon layer, colors become deeper and suggesting depth in skin, eyes and furr, almost three dimensional. Drying time is much longer than other paints. But when dry it stays in high quality for centuries! 


I only use good quality oilpaints. The best I can get (or make). Using the highest quality pigments. Of course that makes a portrait more valuable to buy. Using paint without degrading chemical additives a portrait ensures the hold of deep colors. Brands I use are (handmade) Old-Scheveningen and Winsor & Newton Artists' choice.

Da Vinci , marten and cow/pighair.

Stretched linnen or thick quality of cotton: not bleeched. Stapled on the back or the side of the canvas. (if you do not frame it, the nails will be on the back of the canvas, leaving the side nicely blank. 

Not essential, but most people do frame an oilpainting. Without glass. 

Opgespannen linnendoek (canvas)
Vraagt er om beschilderd te worden!

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