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Drawing technique:
Pastel is colored chalk (pure pigments) available in various hardnesses. In some countries they say pastel is a painting technique.

The portrait is built in layers of color. I use every color available! The papers I use are usually brown or greyish, with a light structure on the surface to hold the pigments. The white in the portrait is also drawn (not left blank of the paper). Leaving the end result with a velvet-like surface. Usually I use fixative sparely, since it does take the brightness out of the colors. 


Pastels: My collection has expanded enormously last years -to my delight-. Some of the brands I use are: Unison, Stabilo, Conté Paris, Schminke and Holbein. Unfortunately the Netherlands do not have the best stores on art-equipments, so most of it has to be imported from the US. 

behind glass with passe-partout (matt)

Because pastel has a high 'powder' like structure, the paper should be able to hold these loose pigments. Plane surfaced paper will not do the trick. In the art stores many different types op pastelpapers are available. The ones I use are velours (velvet), Sansfix, Ingres and Mi-Teintes / Canson.
Pastel has been one of the most famous and old drawing techniques and evolved immensly in popularity last centuries. Artists like Degas and Monet excellently knew how to handle this technique.

black cat in pastel

shelties pastelportret
Behind glass with passe-partout (matt)



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