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How does it work?
Please contact me through email or phone to place an order for a portrait. You'll receive a confirmation form through email within a day. 
When you return this form, signed (by postmail or email incl. photographs) I'll start to work on your portrait as soon as possible. In case I have to combine photographs, a computer mockup can be made to give you an idea which photoreference material will be painted from. Pictures of the portrait in progress can be sent through email for you to give comments/approval before finishing. Only when you are fully satisfied, I'll complete the portrait. All photographs will be returned to you together with your new painting.

In case you live in the Netherlands: please feel free to visit the studio. Meeting your pet is always better for the portrait, because I'll be able to get an indication of character and anatomy. A free photosession can be made here too.

*Digital, in jpg format, original size. Send the images seperated in app. 4 images in each email or though postmail on cdrom.
*Postmail: please make sure you still have the negatives in case they get lost in the mail.Or make copies of them as a backup at your local photography shop.
All images will be returned to you after completion of the portrait.

What You should know:
*Please do not forget to let me know if you have something in mind, or special wishes. Papersize landscape or straight up. To portray your pet fully, or just the head, etc.  
Payment ?
1) If you collect it, payment is possible in cash (euro's)
2) By mail; please pay in advance incl. mailcosts on:
IBAN- number NL37RABO 0145512096 Bankcode (BIC) RABONL2u
my info:  M. Kruijt, Amersfoort, The Netherlands. 
Bank info: Rabobank, address:Computerweg 12L  3821 AB Amersfoort. 
!! important: tell your bank that you pay for the money transfer costs they charge.

Framed work (behind glass) can not be sent unfortunately. Though sending portraits with or without a matt is possible, all over the world.
Photo quality?
Studiopictures are not obliged, but note to send:
*sharp pictures on which:
*eyes must be clear and visible. The eyecolor too.
*do not use a flash light. Take pictures outside, this way the fur and eyecolors remain the same in the photograph. The light is also splendid if you use sidelighting.
*photograph at the eye-level of the pet.
*also close-ups, only the head, front, side, whole body, half, portrait, threequarters of the pet, etc.
*take a picture that reflects the character as well. The pet doesn't always have to look into the lense!
*Send as many pictures as possible to enrich the character and anatomy of the animal.
If you have a favorite picture, please write on the back which one you wish to be painted.

NOTE (it's true):
The better the photographs, the better the portrait. 

PHOTOTIPS: Photograph in a light place, outside, or close to a window inside, without using your flash. (tape it off if you cannot shut it down) Dare to photograph with your knees on the ground! Experiment! And do not make pictures from above, down on your pet. Take him or her to his favorite place in the garden, to the sea or forest. This way every picture will show the enthusiasm of your pet.  Make photos from all sides. Close-ups, from the side, front, etc. Let a friend distract the animal with a toy, or play!
Try to capture the moments befóre the pet jumps or before it takes action. Those are usually the best. 
Special requests?

Do you wish to see the favorite toy to be included in the portrait? A poet, name or special background? Send your request on the order form.


Other size?

All sizes are possible.  30 x 30 cm, 50 x 50 cm, etc. are common! Also for frames.
Please contact for more information.

Which material shall I choose?

Question yourself what you prefer for a portrait:
*Color or black/white? (do not think about the color of your pet)
*Do you want a portrait in color? Choose: watercolour is "softer", Pastel has drawing lines, oil is "stronger" in use of colour and very realistic.
*Wishing for a black portrait? Choose the conté technique.
*What to spend? Drawing techniques are cheaper than paintings. Material choice is for some people related to the costs. See the pricelist.
If needed I can advise you what to choose after viewing the images of your pet. In doubt, customers always seem to come back to their first impression (on their favorite painting /technique on this site) when ordering a portrait of their own pet. 
Send or collect?

You may prefer to collect the portrait. This way you can tell if you are content. Some people wish to meet me too, or wish to see more of my artwork. You are welcome.
Sending a portrait is also possible, but only without a frame, up to 50x60 cm in all techniques. Depending on the country I'll send it through Royal Mail or FedEx (payment on your account). In all cases the portrait will be securly packed and insured.

Deliverytime ?

Depending on the time of year and how busy it is. Count 4 weeks for a drawing. Oilpaintings need at least a month after completion to dry.
Order in time for christmas, anniversaries or birthdays! Usually I'm fully booked from october with christmas orders.  
Express delivery is only possible on request, an extra fee will be added.


....order cards of your commissioned portrait, just  2,25 Euro each. You can order a three cards package for only 6,50 Euro's.
Detauils: double card 10 x 15 cm incl. enveloppe, transparency sealed.
Full color or greyscale.



Copyright remains with the artist. Please respect that.
Nothing may be used without written permission of the artist Marjolein Kruijt. She's a member of "copyright", for more information visit www.beeldrecht.nl.
No publication, christmas cards, adds or pictures on your website from Marjolein Kruijt artwork,  without approval!
Contact Kruijt to see if an financial agreement is needed or not.

'Kruijt also keeps the copyright of the portraits made in commission. And the right to use the copy/photo of the portrait for promotion of her art, for cards, stationery and adds. If you do not wish your pet to be included, note that when you order, so an agreement has to be made. '


More questions? Email here.