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Collie in pastel 50x60 cm (detail)
pastel techniek fase 1 pastel techniek fase 2
stage 1: Quickly I sketched the outlines of the collie. It's important to keep notice of the parallel lines: ears/eyes/nose/jaw are always pointing in the same horizontal angle. stage 2: with various ochre, grey and blue tones I paint the under layer. (colours on this image vary due to lightning) I do not use any white to this point. Highlights I keep for the finishing touch at the end. The eyes set the mood, so I paint those in first. They capture the character.
pasteltechniek fase 3 collie in pastel - pasteltechnieken
stage 3: After repeatedly softening the edges with my fingers I start working on making the portrait more spacial. By accentuating contrast and choose a focal point. Finished: Finally I add the highlights with white, and with light pink I soften the ochre colours where needed. I always mix colours on paper, I never use direct colours to capture furr. The complete portrait can be seen  here in the dog gallery.

Copyright Marjolein Kruijt