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Meet: Giorgio Out of Maine - Sjors
Opdracht: Watercolor 40 x 50 cm

Winner Gourmet Gold competition, october 2004

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Phase 1:
Very light, I draw the composition of the cat, using a HB pencil. Desciding what comes where. In this portrait I descided to use masque fluid for the whiskers (which I do not on a regular basis). I want them to really 'pop out' of the portrait. 
Next I start painting in light colors, using wet-in-wet techniques and wet on dry. Using a piece of a cloth to dip away some water and paint to prevent hard edges. 
When the lightest parts are finished, I start adding layer two, a slightly darker color. The eyes and stripes in the fur are added. 
Usually, I paint the eyes wet-in-wet. The colors will then fade gradualy. The little lightpoint in the eyes I spare with masque fluid or by hand. I never paint the pupil in black. Just like the fur, I build a colorsceme and depth by using various layers. When the eyes are dry I add a slightly darker line into the centre of the pupil, setting the final eye direction. 
Phase 4:
While adding the background I dip continuous along the edges to prevent the hard drying lines. I want the fur to remain 'soft' and light. Final I add some dark browns near the legs, to give the portrait more depth. When dry I roll of the maque fluids, and repaint the whiskers slightly with light brown, to give them more depth. 


Finished portrait:


Copyright © Marjolein Kruijt