Marjoleins portraits are straight from the heart. Each one is designed from the character of the pet. There are several different starting points to choose from: p.e. spherical,  strong, direct, relaxed, joyfull. This influences the following artistic choices, like the posure of the animal, the surrounding, choice of colour and composition. To get into the character of the animal Marjolein loves to meet your pet in her studio where she can connect with him/her and make own reference photo's to work from. If it's a portrait in memory, or when meeting up isn't possible due to distance, she works from combined photomaterial and a character description. She seldomly works directly from one photograph, usually a combination will be made: the eyes and ears from other images, lightfall and its colours. To capture the personality best in a portrait.
A pre-design is sometimes made and can be shown through email, to confirm the final design.
Portraits can be ordered in the following techniques.
The prices vary from technique and size.

Delivery time

Delivery of your portrait depends on how busy Marjolein is. At this moment she's fully booked for three months. New commissions will be painted in order of date.

Prices of other works
Contact Marjolein on the prices of other available works shown on this website or her book. Landscapes, cats, dogs and wildlife art.